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Laser device Nuovo Spektrum

The most effective laser therapy to help you return health and fitness.

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22 900 s DPH

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The product is certified as a medical device on the EU market
30 minutes a day
You only need to use the product for 30 minutes a day, anytime, anywhere
No side effects
There are no side effects from using laser devices
No medication, no pain
 Non-invasive treatment with our devices without medication and pain

The laser device Nuovo Spektrum combines the best of traditional oriental treatment and modern technology. It is attached to the wrist of the left hand together with a special nasal probe, put into a nasal cavity. The laser acts on the circulating bloodstream at both places, improving its flow rate, increasing the flexibility of the red blood cells, and reducing blood resistance when passing through the blood vessels.

The result is a healthier blood circulation. The laser device Nuovo Spektrum will be appreciated by anyone who is suffering from, for example, high cholesterol and high blood pressure, allergic or chronic rhinitis, diabetes, but also health problems related to heart attack or stroke.

How can the laser device Nuovo Spektrum help you?
● Improves blood circulation, normalizes blood pressure, dissolves fat and cholesterol by lipid peroxidation, cleans blood vessels from unwanted deposits, reduces blood density and blood viscosity
● Treats type 2 diabetes and alleviates type 1 with a preventive effect on the health complications associated with them
● Prevents and treats cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease
● Prevents thrombosis
● Has strong anti-inflammatory effects due to increased production of nitric oxide (NO), which is recommended for the treatment of dermatological problems
● Activates telomerase to trigger a strong anti-aging effect
● It has a detoxifying effect with support for vitamin D formation
● Helps create serotonin, whose elevated level positively affects psychological problems and suppresses negative mental states
● In combination with St. John's wort, it has a strong healing effect against Lyme borreliosis and also has a positive effect on the fight against multiple sclerosis
● It is an ideal helper in the treatment of viral and chronic bacterial infections

Package contains:
1x laser device Nuovo Spektrum
1x double probe into the nasal cavity
1x pain relieving probe
1x ear probe 
1x charger
1x user manual

Technical parameters:
Laser medium: GaAlAs semiconductor
Laser wavelength: 650 nm red laser,
450 nm blue light,
589 nm yellow light
and 532 nm green light
Number of radiators: 10 on the device, 
12 on the pain-relieving probe,
2 on the nasal cavity probe,
2 on the ear probe
Laser power: 2-5 mW for each radiator Laser operating voltage: 3 V
Input voltage: 220 V/USB cable
Duration setting: 10 to 60 minutes
Ambient temperature: -20 ° C to + 40 ° C
Humidity: less than 85%
Atmospheric pressure: 86-106 kPa
Source: rechargeable Li-Ion battery
Package: 1 set/box



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