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Photobiomodulation LED Panel Pulse1500

The Pulse1500 panel is an improved version of the original RD series enriched with new pulse technology, regulation of radiation intensity and remote control. Red light is used both to solve health problems and to support athletes to perform better

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Professional light therapy

The LED panel is an ideal choice for professional clinics, and fitness and relaxation centres.


Certified quality

Nuovo Therapy provides quality even for specialised centres where the devices are used at full capacity.


Pulse technology

Innovative in-depth therapy effect for maximum possible regeneration.


5 year warranty on LEDs

Thanks to high-quality German diodes, we guarantee a 5-year warranty on LED emitters.

Photobiomodulation is intended for health therapy, relaxation and strengthening of blood capillaries, which support blood circulation, oxygenate and accelerate the detoxification effect. In dermatology,
the therapy reduces the size of the pores, leaving the skin texture significantly more even and silky
to the touch. In addition, after each therapy, spots, scars, and the liver improves faster, all because
the production of collagen and elastin is encouraged for greater production. Red light therapy
is becoming more and more popular in the professional sports, training and fitness industries, as it has been shown again and again that red light improves physical performance, helps build muscle
and speeds recovery after exercise or injury.

The use of the most biologically efficient wavelengths is key to optimizing the benefits of red and near-infrared light therapy. The wavelengths of 630 + 660 nm of red light and 830 + 850 nm of near infrared light contained in the Nuovo Therapy panels are known for their unique therapeutic and regenerative results, which they offer to the body. By combining these four wavelengths with special lenses that bend their light to an angle of 30 degrees, we bring you the most powerful and advanced equipment for photobiomodulation LED light therapy on the market.

How can photobiomodulation help you?
● Reduces inflammation
● Restores microcirculation
● Relieves pain
● Supports collagen production
● Reduces pore size
● Minimizes wrinkles and fine lines
● Has a strong anti-aging effect
● Increases performance in sports
● Removes lactic acid
● Significantly increases the endurance of the athlete

Pulse technology
The pulsed near-infrared light (NIR) technology enables a deeper penetration into the tissue than constant light and also has a noticeably smaller contribution to the heating of the irradiated area. When setting 20 Hz pulsation, the greatest effect of pulse technology is achieved, when there is greater support for tissue healing, fractures and also greater effectiveness in the therapy of Parkinson's disease, epilepsy and other psychological and neurological problems. There is also a reduction of chronic pain conditions and regeneration of nerve connections. This mode also has good results for supporting the natural inflammatory process in the body. You can't tell the pulse mode setting by eye, the blinking of the diodes happens so fast that you don't even register it, but your cells will recognize the difference.

Radiation intensity
The panels have the option of setting the radiation intensity from 5 to 100 % of the power. A lower power is especially recommended in the first two to three days of therapy, when the panel is then switched to full power. At a power of 25 %, light therapy is also recommended about an hour before bedtime, when it helps to create the right atmosphere, calm the body and mind and prepare for rest. In the morning, this setting is especially suitable for smoothly waking up and starting the body for the usual activity that awaits it, and both in the evening and in the morning, it does not disturb our so-called circadian rhythm.

Package contains:
1x LED panel Pulse1500
1x carabiner system
1x door hook
1x connecting cable
1x suspension cables
1x power cord
1x remote controller
1x safety goggles

Technical parameters:
● 300 x 5 W LED
● 91 x 30 x 6,5 cm, 11 Kg
● wavelength 630 + 660 nm and 830 + 850 nm 1:4
● lenses on LED's in angle of 30°
● irradiation >200 mW/cm2 at 15 cm from the panel
● pulse technology 0-20 Hz
● radiation power regulation
● zero harmful EMF radiation
● AC voltage 100-240 V

The warranty for the device is 2 years and for LED emitters 5 years.



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